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Why patient feedback /listening are important to us?

Why patient feedback / listening are important to us?

The whole purpose of a company’s survival is focused on its sales figures. To a great extent sales drives revenues which is the lifeline of all organizations and their survival. In this process corporate sometimes forget to listen, talk or take their valuable feedback from existing or prospective customers or patient feedback and as in our case those who are seeking professional guidance for their healthcare related concerns. We at Hospital Suggest believe in making ourselves available through all the channels available today.

You can share your feedback directly by calling us, writing emails, engaging with us through social media platforms etc. Your views are important for us to serve you as effectively and efficiently for your healthcare concerns.
Today we need to adopt patient centric approach in understanding their requirements and standing with them during their all stages of their healthcare treatment. Our professional team at Hospital Suggest understands and values your time and money, so we try to gather all your healthcare related details and data and digitalize it for life time. So that we can share / use it with the healthcare providers at various stages and at any point of time even in future whenever it is required. Of course, we have a privacy policy by which we don’t share your confidential information without your permission. This onetime process saves your valuable time and you are not repeatedly asked for briefing all your past case history. To the healthcare providers on the other hand, it offers valuable and maximum details of medical background of the patient, to assist them to come out the authentic treatment.

From us these feedback means apart from benefitting the patients, assisting the healthcare givers your valuable feedback it lets us know the scope of improvement in our functioning and how better we can improve our services for best patient management and satisfaction. So please don’t shy away from connecting with us on our social media sites, writing emails or simply give a missed call to us so that one of our representatives may connect with you directly and understand your concerns, opinions or feedback and assist you in the best possible manner. So don’t wait, simply connect and share your thoughts with us at +918692991133 or mail us at [email protected]


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